Tips for Winterizing Your Vehicle

Tips for Winterizing Your Vehicle

Getting Your Vehicle Winter Ready

Winter is coming whether you like it or not. Preparing your vehicle for the cold will save you money and keep you safe from winter hazards. Our experts at Demeyere Chrysler recommend getting your car services to brace it for the cold, snowy months. These helpful hints can assist you in getting your vehicle winter-ready so you can enjoy the season in safety and comfort.

Install Winter Tires

The first thing you should do to make your vehicle winter-ready is to install winter tires. Unlike normal tires, winter tires are specifically manufactured to withstand snow, slush, and ice. Winter tires offer better traction and enhance safety in icy, slippery conditions.

Install Winter Blades

Besides installing winter tires, getting a pair of winter wiper blades are critical to preparing your vehicle for winter. All-season wipers freeze during cold temperatures and can break when wiping heavy snow. On the other hand, winter blades work in extreme cold. They are also bigger, stronger, and can more easily push away snow and ice.

Top Up Antifreeze

Filling your engine with antifreeze can also help make your vehicle winter-ready. This special vehicle fluid prevents the water in your powertrain’s cooling system from freezing during winter, which helps protect your engine’s integrity during the cold months.

Winter Car Service

Scheduling a comprehensive winter car service is another thing you need to do to prepare your vehicle for winter. A prevention service will go a long way in keeping your vehicle in good condition for the cold months. The service should include checking your tires, oil, engine, battery, antifreeze, and lights. Our experts will also assess your steering, exhaust, brake, drivetrain, and ignition systems and repair any identified issues to ensure your car runs optimally this winter.

Book a Service Appointment

Visit our Service and Tire Centre in Simcoe, Ontario, and our technicians will help you prepare your vehicle for winter. Our staff are experts on all vehicle makes and models, so book an appointment with our Service Centre today!