Why Buy MOPAR Parts in Simcoe, Ontario

We are a dealership that carries genuine MOPAR parts and offers reliable MOPAR services. MOPAR parts are essential for your Chrysler, Wrangler, Compass, or Ram 1500 because they are specifically developed to suit your vehicle. By choosing MOPAR parts, you help to increase the longevity of your vehicle and its running condition. If you're living in Simcoe, Ontario, or near Tillsonburg and Brantford, ON, we are happy to help and encourage you to contact our dealership's Finance Centre to find out more about how we can save you money on MOPAR vehicles, MOPAR products, and MOPAR services.

MOPAR vs Aftermarket

When you purchase genuine MOPAR parts, you can rest knowing that every part fitted to your vehicle was specifically designed. While aftermarket parts may sometimes be a more cost-effective alternative to genuine MOPAR parts, they are often not developed with the same standards that MOPAR parts must meet before leaving the factory. Additionally, with the wide selection of aftermarket parts available for MOPAR vehicles, finding the right aftermarket part designed for your vehicle can often be challenging. To help you land an even better deal, cash in on a variety of MOPAR specials we offer. MOPAR parts are categorized and precisely labelled for each model, making the part search much more accessible. Lastly, unlike many aftermarket parts available on the market, genuine MOPAR parts typically have warranties to reassure customers that the parts will work properly.

Book a Service Appointment

Contact us to schedule your next MOPAR service. Our dealership has skilled technicians who aim to improve every vehicle that they work on. To learn more about our dealerships and services, feel free to contact one of our helpful representatives.