Everyone needs a back-up plan to protect them from the unexpected. Your car loan shouldn't be any different. For most buyers, a car loan is their largest expense aside from their mortgage, so doesn't it make sense to have coverage that can keep your vehicle in your driveway, while taking some of the stress out of a difficult situation? Life & Credit Protection offers you smart, responsible debt protection that guards you against unforeseen circumstances which can make it difficult for you to make the payments on your vehicle loan. If something unanticipated happens to you - like experiencing physical disability, illness or death - coverage can eliminate your vehicle debt to make payments on your behalf. Protect yourself, your family and your good credit with Creditor Protection.  

In the event of your death before the term of the loan expires, Estate protection will pay off the outstanding balance   of your loan, leaving your family with an asset they can drive or sell,instead of an extra liability to pay. 
When you have an accident, or experience an illness, that interrupts your ability to earn a living, paying your bills       can become a stressful situation. Credit Protection will make your vehicle payments directly to your lender, and there is no limit to the number of times it can be claimed during the course of your loan. A reduced income can lead to an inability to make all your payments, which can reflect poorly on your good credit rating. 

        Insurance can be a scary topic, but you should be prepared for situations you hope never happen to you , because accidents occur everyday. Take a few minutes to watch the video below, and let Carl explain the benefits of Creditor Insurance to you ! 

                                           CLICK ON CARL AND LET HIM TELL YOU ALL ABOUT CREDITOR
                                               INSURANCE IN THIS FUN AND INFORMATIVE VIDEO