Easy approvals are only a couple clicks away. Apply online Today!

Easy approvals are only a couple clicks away. Apply online Today!

Vehicle Protection Program

Everyone loves the look of a brand new vehicle on display in the showroom. Want to maximize your investment and keep it looking showroom new for years to come? Invest in the Vehicle Protection Package!! Backed by a lifetime guarantee for new vehicles, Rust, Paint and Upholstery protection helps protect your vehicle from situational and environmental factors.

Modern vehicles ARE NOT immune to rust. While many of the body panels are plastic, it is the rust you don't see forming along the seams and welds that is damaging your vehicle, and the undercarriage is always exposed to the harsh Canadian  climate. Traditional Rust Protection works by sealing out moisture, salt and other rust-producing agents, preventing rust from forming on your vehicle. There are no holes drilled into your vehicle during the application process,  and the Rust Protection will not crack, peel or chip which would leave your vehicle vulnerable to rust forming.

Keep that "freshly waxed" shine, without lifting a finger, and protect your vehicle's high gloss colour with our Paint Protection Program! The clear coat on your vehicle is an uneven surface that can trap dirt, salt, moisture and other pollutants, and damage the look of your vehicle. Paint Protection creates a smooth, impermeable barrier between your  vehicle's painted surface and these damaging elements. It also reflects the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays that will dull and cause your paint to fade.

Don't let life's little spills ruin your interior. Whether it's your morning coffee, or the baby isn't feeling well, there will be messes in your vehicle. Protect your fabric or leather with Upholstery Protection. It works by coating individual fibres, leather and vinyl to stop moisture from being absorbed into your seats and staining them.  It makes your upholstery easier to clean and helps to retain the natural texture and appearance of the fabric or leather, adding years to the life of your vehicle's upholstery!

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