If you are looking for a family minivan, you will notice that there are a lot of options on the market today. However, few have become as popular a choice as the Chrysler Pacifica. This vehicle seems to have everything that your family could want and more. On top of that, it is loaded down with some excellent safety features.

Let's begin by telling you about the blind spot monitoring system. This is like having another set of eyes on the road where you may not otherwise be able to see another vehicle. You will be alerted if you are trying to move into an area that has another car in it.

Speaking of moving over, the lane departure warning system will notify you if you begin to switch lanes without intending to. It will also gently nudge you back in place if you need it to. Experience this while test driving the Chrysler Pacifica at Demeyere Chrysler Dodge Jeep Limited.

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